Educational Seminars

A 3-day onsite or online seminar for law enforcement investigators and supervisors.

Seminar includes 3 days of lectures:

Day 1: The Cold Case Concept with a historical overview of how we got here.
Day 2: Understanding Homicides and Design of the cold case unit.
Day 3: The Evaluation Process with follow up strategies for investigators.

During this last day, the agency will present information regarding an unsolved case from their jurisdiction. Using this case as an example, the consultants will illustrate the evaluation process and provide guidelines and suggestions for a proper resolution.

With the exception of travel and lodging costs, all services to law enforcement are pro bono.

Confidentiality Statement: The CRUC prides itself in professional, confidential relationships with law enforcement. As such, at the time your agency engages our services, we will send you a standard confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement signed by our consultants to be retained for your records.