Who Took Molly Bish?

On the summer morning of June 27, 2000 . . .

16-year-old Molly Bish set out to begin her eighth day of lifeguarding at Comins Pond in the small town of Warren, Massachusetts. Around 10 a.m., between the time her mother dropped her off and the first swimmers arrived, Molly was abducted. Oddly, the day before her disappearance, Molly’s mother saw a sinister looking man sitting in a white car parked in the pond’s dirt lot near Molly’s lifeguard post.

Three years later, Molly’s remains were found less than three miles from where she was taken. Dr. Sarah Stein joined the search for Molly’s killer.

In chilling detail, Dr. Stein takes readers behind the scenes and into her own investigative files of one of Massachusetts most challenging cases—and into the darkest recesses of every family’s nightmare.


Stein lays bare the struggles real families of missing persons face—even when armed with credentialed experts. Now a renowned investigator, Stein has confronted, interviewed, and studied scores of criminals and crime scenes, and must relive the actions of both killers and victims as she attempts to create their profiles in search of that one elusive piece that will solve the crime.

This book should be required reading in the way investigations are handled by the policing system. – ELITE CHOICE AWARDS


Dr. Stein bared her soul in writing this book. She takes the reader to understand the background of what happened and what didn’t happen. Her compassion and empathy toward the victim and the victims family will leave you with an understanding of what it is like to give one’s all to a cause that consumed her days, months and years. Twenty years later and still no firm answers. R.I.P.Molly.

Dr. Stein did an excellent job portraying the politics of true crime while humanizing the story. I didn’t know Molly, but I feel like I do now. My heart goes out to the Bish family.

Dr. Stein is an incredible author. I couldn’t put the book down and I have an infant! My heart aches for Molly and her family, thankfully we have people like Dr. Stein in the world to help find justice. Go get ‘em #TheTinyAvenger

PAGES: 218
ISBN: 978-1-950712-32-8

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